Our Approach

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide fiduciary services to our clients in the same individualized, professional, caring, cost effective manner as we would want provided to us. To that end we utilize sound management principles and state-of-the-art technology to allow our talented, capable, motivated, well-trained and empathetic people to stay focused on our clients.


We know that we are likely not the first professional relationship you have developed—that you probably have long-standing history with your financial advisor, CPA, bankers and/or insurance agents. We focus on providing fiduciary services, and we intentionally chose a model that would complement, not compete with your existing advisory relationships. We are independent. We are not a division of a bank and we don’t do investment management. We are friendly to your financial advisor, because we outsource the trustee’s role in investing assets to the advisor you have chosen over the course of your lifetime. This helps us avoid conflicts, and puts us in a unique position to work together as a part of your professional team. Working with the other professionals who best know you, your business, and your family, helps us gain insight on how to serve you. We believe this team-oriented perspective is good for us, good for your other advisors, and ultimately the best for you.

Core Values


Regardless of the role (whether Trustee, Executor, Planner, Advisory or other relationship), our goal is to have a comprehensive understanding of the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of that role. Because of our collaborative approach to service, we understand we are part of your larger professional team, and we aim to understand how our services interact with those provided by others. Finally and most importantly, we aim to understand you both professionally and personally. From current and future needs, troubles and concerns, to goals and desires, this understanding allows us to provide the highest quality service possible.



We demand the highest level of trustworthiness and transparency from our principals and employees. Integrity means fully embracing the role of the fiduciary by acting with due care and undivided loyalty to our clients in accordance with law and your instructions.



Vigilance means being attuned to our clients by being accessible to them, listening carefully to them, and being responsive to their needs. Vigilance means continually examining our relationships and guarding against conflicts. Vigilance is keeping a watchful eye out for changes that impact our clients (whether legal, regulatory, tax, environmental, family, or otherwise) and working with a team of experts to be proactive and to successfully adapt. It also means maintaining cutting-edge services to continuously meet or exceed industry standards.



First Covenant strives for excellence in all facets of its enterprise. We aim to have an excellent team of people who are treated with dignity and respect, who have a nurturing and positive environment within which to work. Our team members maintain excellence in client service and satisfaction. In pursuit of excellence we prioritize 1) investing in education and training for our team, 2) continuous improvement of our systems, policies and procedures and 3) investment in technology that helps us ensure seamless, streamlined performance of our fiduciary duties and services. Finally, we want to be exemplary individual and corporate citizens in the communities and states in which we live and work.