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First Covenant: A Resource
For the Planning Community

“I have worked with many trust companies in my years. Your assistance has been superior, and 
I certainly appreciate it.” – Lisa Sterling, Raymond James


At First Covenant, we can serve as a trustee for a variety of trusts or guide an estate through probate by acting as executor or co-executor. Our professionals have many years of experience understanding will and trust documents, and handling assets and IRAs in a timely and organized manner.


To name First Covenant Trust and Advisors in a document, please use one of our addresses listed at the bottom of the page. Our goal is to be a resource to the estate planning community and executors. We invite you to contact us when you or your clients need advice


First Covenant Trust serves clients all over the United States from our offices in Tennessee and South Dakota. We are a professional fiduciary with a wide range of executorship, trust and estate planning experience. Whether it’s taking over executorship of a messy probate, or simply acting as a sounding board, we’ll do our best to help however we can.

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