Estate Settlement Services

The probate process can be daunting and formidable to those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, timeline and specific procedural requirements involved. First Covenant can ease the burden on survivors by taking on the role of executor or administrator of an estate. Working with the estate’s attorney and other key advisors, we can ensure that court documents are properly filed, deadlines are met, tax returns are timely filed, assets are marshaled, managed, and distributed according to applicable law and the terms of the Will. First Covenant is also available to act as a co-executor or co-administrator, to assist and guide a fellow co-executor or administrator through probate. In addition, we can assist executors in carrying out their duties on a consultative basis without taking over as executor.

Similarly, we can act as the death or successor trustee of a revocable living trust where the provisions of that trust function like a will-substitute. First Covenant will ensure that the requirements of applicable law and the governing instrument are met, within the context of probate avoidance and privacy that were likely key factors leading to the creation of the trust. First Covenant can act as a co-trustee in this situation as well.