Family Office Services

With increasing wealth comes greater complexity and new challenges. First Covenant provides Family Office services that support achievement of family goals across generations. Our full service team aids in the planning, implementation and monitoring of financial and family governance strategies.


Covenant’s Family Office coordinates family wealth management, tax efficiency, estate planning, fiduciary services, risk management, philanthropy, expense planning, bill paying, accounting, recordkeeping and other day-to-day administration of a family’s affairs.

Family Governance

First Covenant’s Family Office supports high net worth families by providing structure, process and context for family constitutions & mission statements, communication of non-financial values and priorities, recording and disseminating family history, and providing age-appropriate multi-generational family-member financial education.


Family Office Services are customized for each family’s unique circumstances. 

Estate and Trust Planning & Administration

  • Legal Document Review Services
  • Estate Planning Document Preparation*
  • Facilitation of Document Availability
  • Trust and Entity Structure Planning
  • Charitable Trust Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Offshore Trust & Transnational Trust Planning*
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Dynasty Trust Planning
  • Life Insurance Trust Planning and Funding
  • Coordinating with Estate, Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Planning
  • Beneficiary Designation Review and Consulting
  • Trust Administration
  • Bill Payment
  • Directed Trustee Services
  • Investment and Beneficiary Education
  • Back-office Support for Individual Trustees
  • Power of Attorney Services
  • Structuring, Tracking and Facilitating Family Cash Flow Needs
  • Planning, Structuring and Administering Inter-Family Loans
  • Consulting on Selection of Individual Trustees, Trust Protectors and Trust Directors
  • Education of Individual Trustees, Trust Protectors and Trust Directors
  • Robust, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Vendor Management and Due Diligence
  • Alternative Asset Administration

Accounting & Business Consulting

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Customized Reporting
  • Budget Preparation and Analysis
  • Payroll Administration
  • Choice of Entity Consulting
  • Transaction Support and Analysis
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Planning and Coordination
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Consulting & Funding
  • Business Tax Compliance and Consulting
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Employee Benefits Consulting and Administration
  • Group Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, Supplemental)
  • ERISA Plan Consulting
  • Entity Valuations
  • Litigation Support


  • Coordinating Family Goals and Philanthropic Vision
  • Assistance with Grantmaking and Evaluation of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Family Foundations-Planning, structure, formation*, administration and compliance
  • Charitable Trust Planning and Administration
  • Donor Advised Fund Planning and Coordination
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution Consulting

Tax Compliance, Consulting and Planning

  • Federal, State & Local Income Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Estate, Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Sales & Use Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Personal Property Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Payroll/Excise Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Estimated Tax Planning & Administration
  • Tax Notice Response & Administration
  • IRS Audit Defense
  • Tax Litigation*
  • Tax Litigation Support
  • Domicile Planning
  • Trust Situs Planning
  • State and Local Tax Nexus Analysis and Planning
  • Choice of Entity Consulting
  • Transaction Support and Analysis

Financial Planning, Risk and Asset Management

  • Family Financial Goal Consulting and Coordinating
  • Individual and Family Financial Plan Preparation
  • Budget Preparation and Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Funding Planning
  • Risk Tolerance Consulting
  • Investment Selection and Management
  • Cash Flow Coordination
  • Financing & Debt Analysis
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Robust, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Performance Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Administration of Alternative Investments
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Oversight
  • Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance Oversight
  • Health Insurance Oversight
  • Personal, Rental and Commercial* Real Estate Management and Administration
  • Property Security*
  • Fine Art Consulting*
  • Aircraft & Yacht Management and Administration*
  • Asset Valuations*

Family Office Administration

  • Family Legacy Consulting and Coordinating
  • Personal/Family Mission Statement Planning
  • Meeting Coordination & Facilitation
  • Family Communication Coordination
  • Coordination of Third-Party Vendors
  • Concierge Services
  • Travel Management
  • Conflict Resolution*

*Vendor/Partner services. Additional fees may apply.