Special Needs

Families with special needs individuals face unique complications when engaging in planning for the future. First Covenant has people specifically trained to help families navigate these obstacles.

Resource Identification

There are many different programs and resources available to special needs persons, but the different qualification rubrics and limitations can be difficult to digest. First Covenant can assist with identifying available resources, coordinating the best sources, and applying for and maintaining these benefits.

Care Planning

For special needs families, estate planning should include more than making sure family assets are available for the benefit of a special needs person. Life-care plans help ensure that those left behind have a good idea of what “normal” has been for the special needs beneficiary, minimizing disruptions due to disability or death of a caretaker, and making the most of the resources (both financial and otherwise) available.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Special needs trusts help raise the beneficiary’s standard of living while preserving eligibility for benefits otherwise available to the beneficiary. These trusts can be difficult to manage, as a thorough understanding of both trust administration as well as various benefit programs is required.