After all of that, we landed on three words.

At First Covenant Trust & Advisors, we have spent a good amount of time over the past two years talking internally about why we do what we do… our company’s Mission. 

We discussed working with excellence and integrity. We committed to being loyal to our clients and caring for them with vigilance. We recognized the need to possess a deep knowledge of our processes and solutions. We affirmed the power in valuing our team members and investing in their growth. We acknowledged that we should be intentional in developing new relationships.

But as we narrowed our focus, we agreed that our company exists to give one thing to our clients… peace of mind.

The stuff we work on can be complicated… and it can be scary for our clients. Thinking about investments, taxes and death have caused many sleepless nights for the people we serve. Add in public speaking and that might be Mount Rushmore of anxiety (that’s a not-so-subtle nod to Covenant’s South Dakota situs!). However, when we each do our job well, we are doing our part to give our clients that peace of mind.

On my morning commute, my four-year-old son likes for me to drive by Fire Station #5 in Johnson City, Tennessee. If his dream of being Spiderman when he grows up doesn’t work out, being a Fireman would be just fine by him. While I can’t remember for sure, when I was four years old, I probably had a similar list. What I am sure of is that I wasn’t dreaming of being a Trust Officer!

However, I know there is a calling in what I am blessed to get to do every day. I’m confident the same is true for each of you. God has each of us exactly where He wants us. We are working to make a dent in the part of the world in we find ourselves. We know that our work matters and that it is making a difference to our clients. We know that when we do our work well, our clients get the benefit of those three little words: peace of mind.

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